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Unterfoehring, 04 March 2003

SevenOne Media: New generic marketing action

Transmitters of the ProSiebenSat.1-Gruppe start extensive advertising offensive for TV advertisement

Under the slogan ' advertisement, completely naturally ' starts SevenOne Media for the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG on 6 March 2003 an extensive campaign for television commercial. The generic marketing action covers a Mediavolumen of 2.6 million euro and runs to at the end of May on the transmitters Sat.1, pro filters, cables 1 and N24. The medium enterprise wants to show with the action on humorous way the fact that advertisement belonged to the life and so that continues to increase the acceptance of advertisement.

The creative concept of the campaign comes from the residents of Munich agency of friends. The TV Spots developed for the document ion channel Discovery in co-operation with the SZM of studios and. The 30-sekuendigen Spots shows the most failed efforts of different animals, in order to recruit the attention or affection of their partner. To see are zappelnde penguins, elegant dolphins, schnaebelnde pairs of birds and stolzierende pfauen. The Spots of a Remake of the Songs ' Make ME Smile ' is accompanied, which originates from the current Erasure album "OTHER People's Song" and is available starting from in the middle of March as CD in the trade.

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